The Scout Group

  1. A Scout Group consists of a combination of at least one Section and one Unit.
  2. Irrespective of the number of Sections or Units, a group shall always have a Group Assembly and a Group Council.
  3. All groups shall be registered with the National Headquarters. Members of the unregistered groups shall not be entitled to wear uniform and badges and shall not represent themselves as members of the Association.
  4. A group shall be allotted a number at the time of registration for the purpose of its identity.
  5. Each Scout Group is led by a Group Scout Leader who ensures coordination between the Sections and Units and continuity of youth programme.

Group Assembly

  1. Where the group consists of two or more sections, the Adult members of the sections will meet regularly to discuss matters affecting the group and such body may be called the Group Assembly. The Group Scout Leader will be the chairman of the Group Assembly.
  2. The functions of a group assembly shall be;
    1. To deal with the enrollment of members of all sections.
    2. To ensure the advancement of members in the badge system.
    3. To improve the standard of Scout Leaders.
    4. To plan out the programme of activities and training
    5. To co-opt Senior Sixer, Senior Patrol Leaders as its member if necessary.
    6. To elect members for the Group Council

Group Council
Composition of the Group Scout Council
The group council shall be the managing body of the Scout Group to ensure effective development and over all welfare of the group. It shall comprise of the following:

  1. Group Scout Leader as the Chairman
  2. Adult leaders of all sections
  3. The Group Scribe
  4. The Group Treasurer
  5. The Group Quarter Master
  6. Two Public Representatives
  7. Two Representatives of Parents recommended by Group Scout Leader.

Functions of the Group Council
The functions of the Group Council shall be:

  1. To be responsible for maintaining group properties.
  2. To deal with fund raising
  3. To acquire services of persons useful for Badge system
  4. To deal with public relations, camping grounds and other facilities required by the group.
  5. To ensure promotion and effective working of the group
  6. To hold annual general meeting
  7. To consider annual report of the group and audited accounts and
  8. To assess training and programme developments of the group.
  9. To elect a member to represent the Group in the National Scout Assembly.

Group Scout Leader

  1. A group Scout Leader shall be responsible for the co-ordination of the activities of all sections of the group, where the group consists of more than one section.
  2. In case no person is available to act as Group Scout Leader, the Branch Commissioner, may appoint an Adult member from the Group as an Acting Group Scout Leader.
  3. Applications for appointment letters (warrants) for Group Scout Leaders will be made after the controlling authority nominates a suitable qualified Scout Leader.
  4. The Branch Commissioner in every case, should satisfy himself that the applicant is trained and would make himself available for any further training.

Adult Leaders

  1. The adult of every Unit, except Rover Section will be referred as the Leader with the respective co-title related to the section. The adult in charge of the Rover Section will be called the Rover Advisor.
  2. The Unit Leader and his/her Assistant Leader shall be appointed with warrant, on the recommendation of the Group Scout Leader.
  3. The following qualifications may be required for appointment as Unit Leader and Assistant Unit Leader, namely:
    1. must have attended and a Basic Unit Leaders’ Training Course in the respective section
    2. must have a knowledge of the Purpose and Principles of the Association, its organization and particularly the Scout Method and be familiar with the “Policy, Organization and Rules”.
    3. must apply for a appointment letter (warrant) as Leader or Assistant as Leader immediately after appointment and should not be less than eighteen years of age.