Maldivian Scouter Iujaaz Elected as an Asia Pacific Regional Youth Representative.

Maldivian Scouter Mohamed Iujaaz Yazeed was elected as an Asia Pacific Regional Youth Representative during the 10th Asia Pacific Regional Scout Youth Forum which was held from 9-14 February 2022. Iujaaz was elected for the term 2022-2025.

Iujaaz is the fourth Maldivian to become a member of the RYR since it's inception. The purpose of the RYR is to provide the opportunity for young people to be involved in the decision making processes in the region and to provide experience and support in operating within regional structures. Each member of the RYR will be serving in one of the  regional sub committees for a period of three years.

Iujaaz Yazeed won the election contesting against 14 candidates form other Asia Pacific Region and will also be representing Maldives in the Youth Engagement Subcommittee.

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