Headquarter Commissioner for Cub Section

Malé, Maldives

National Commissioner for Youth Programme and the Executive Committee

Key competencies and expectations:

  •   Analysis/Problem Solving: Able to identify and separate out the key components of problems and situations. Can generate a range of creative solutions, evaluate them and choose the most appropriate option.

  •   Quick thinking/Learning: Able to pick up and assimilate relevant information quickly and easily. Learns new tasks rapidly. Responds swiftly and appropriately.

  •   Team work: Actively participates in team. Encourages co-operation. Aware of the needs of others and responds flexibly. Shares information and supports other team members.

  •   Communication: Able to communicate information and ideas clearly and articulately both in oral and written form. Uses appropriate language, style and methods depending on audience and the purpose of communication. Able to convey complex information clearly. Anticipates the information that others will need.

  •   Results/Quality Orientation: Sets high but achievable standards for self and others. Seeks opportunities to improve process and outcomes. Constantly reviews performance to identify areas to develop.

  •   Flexibility/Adaptation: Has actively sought to learn new things on own initiative. Has responded positively to change and adapted to new situations quickly. Able to take on a diverse range of tasks equally effectively.

  •   Initiative/Independent: Able to work things out without having to be shown too often. Takes responsibility for own time and effectiveness. Able to spot and implement opportunities for improving situations.

Key tasks and responsibilities:

  •   Provide support to the National Commissioner for Youth Programme (NCYP).

  •   Provide support to the Youth Programme Review Process.

  •   Support Cub Scout Section in the delivery and implementation of its specific programme.

  •   Provide support to the NCYP in addressing needs, gaps and challenges identified in the Cub

    Scout Section.

  •   Provide support to the Programme Committee, Taskforce, working groups and other bodies

    related to the implementation of the Youth Programme.

  •   Support NCYP in organizing ad conducting training courses for Youth Members.

  •   Work together with other Youth Programme related Headquarter Commissioners to strengthen

    the Youth Programme Department at the Scout Association of Maldives.

  •   Submit quarterly progress reports to the NCYP.

  •   Carry out any other tasks and/or duties assigned by the NCYP from time to time.