Youth Programme

The Youth Program in Scouting is the totality of the learning opportunities from which young people can benefit (What), created to achieve the purpose of Scouting (Why), and experienced through the Scout Method (How).

Why – the educational objectives, in accordance with the purpose and principles of the Movement

What – all experiences and situations that young people can learn from, both organised and spontaneous, i.e. the learning opportunities

How – the way in which it is done, i.e. the Scout Method

Scout Method

The Scout Method is an essential system for achieving the educational proposal of the Scout Movement. It is defined as a system of progressive self-education. It is one method based on the interaction of equally important elements that work together as a cohesive system, and the implementation of these elements in a combined and balanced manner is what makes Scouting unique. The Scout Method is a fundamental aspect of Scouting and is expressed through the following elements:


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Cub Scout

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Rover Scout

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