What We Do ?

Our Exciting, challenging, and adventurous programmes provides young people education for life. These life long lessons include cooperation, leadership, and tools young people need to grow into strong, resilient individuals and valuable members of their local communities.

Educational Methods

Scouting offers a relevant and self-progressive education experience that responds directly to the opportunities, challenges and trends facing young people in today’s globalised and rapidly changing world. Through the Youth Programme, Scouting enables young people to become self-fulfilled and active global citizens who contribute positively to the development of their communities and the world around them.

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International Scouting

With more than 170 Member organization within the World Organization of the Scout Movement there are various events each year. They provide great opportunities for our members to connect with the world, to learn about other people and their cultures through scouting activities, and make lifelong friendships as part of the scouting journey.

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