5 - 8 Years

The Pre-cub Section is developed keeping in mind the following characteristics children in their early childhood. Egocentrism, Shorter attention span, Photographic memory, Imagination, Communication, straight forward, Judgement, Temperament, Curiosity, Play. Along the way, make some wonderful new friends and create unforgettable experiences!

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Cub Scout

8 - 12 Years

Cub Scouting is where the adventure begins. Pack life introduces young kids aged 8 - 12 years to the largest youth educational movement in the world. In their Sixes they explore different developmental activities with plentiful learning opportunities in a young age, through Pack outings and Pack holidays they experience the outdoors and learn creativity and skills.

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12 - 18 Years

If you are 12 years old and ready for a real adventure all you need is to join the Scouts! Scout section provides 12–18-year old’s the platform to create their own path. Scouts have the opportunity to interact with different scouts from all over the country and also from around the world at Jamborees, journeys and travel to other islands to camp and to make new friends.

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Rover Scout

18 - 26 Years

Rover Scouting is the final age section Scouting has to offer to its youth members. The Rover Scout age is 18 - 26 years, and its here the “real good stuff” happen. Experiment with exciting and challenging adventures with your friends while also pursuing your personal goals with the help of an advisor, ensuring that you are better prepared for life.

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