The Organization

The organs of the scout association of Maldives includes the National Scout Assembly, National Scout Council, Scout Executive Committee, Scout Youth Council, Scout Fund, Compliance / Disciplinary Committee and Committees of the National Scout Council.

The following organization structure identifies the functional hierarchy of the Scout Association of Maldives. The Governance body of The Scout Association of Maldives is the National Scout Assembly which elects the National Scout Council led by the President of The Scout Association of Maldives and the Management body of The Scout Association of Maldives is the Scout Executive Committee led by Chief Commissioner. The management comprises of the Chief Commissioner, Deputy Chief Commissioners and National Commissioners. Management is supported by the National Headquarters (Staff), Headquarter Commissioners (including Atoll Commissioners).

The following relationship diagram provides a visual representation of how the clusters in the management organization structure should function. Headquarter Commissioners (including Atoll Commissioners) and Headquarter staff are considered as functional support mechanisms for functional leads – National Commissioners.