Better World Framework

The Better World Framework is a portfolio of world initiatives addressing four thematic areas of education focusing on global issues and trends affecting young people and diverse communities  in the next 10 years. Each initiative  contains  challenges  for  young  people that inspire them to participate in their local communities and become active citizens. The thematic areas of education are as follows:

Environment & Sustainability
Peace & Community Engagement
Health & Wellbeing
Skills for Life

There is one Better World initiative for each thematic area  of education. Each initiative offers a set of defined paths and learning objectives relevant to its theme. These learning objectives are the basis for integrating the initiatives and its challenges into your Youth Programme. Each initiative’s learning objectives align with the principles of  Education for  Sustainable  Development  (ESD), the  World Scout  Youth  Programme  Policy, and the  Essential Characteristics  of  Scouting.

Scouts For SDGs

Messengers of Peace

A premier educational program that involves Scouts in creating a culture of peace and justice around the world by having them execute millions of acts of community service. In collaboration with Alwaleed Philanthropies.

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Scouts of the World Award

A program that engages Scouts between the ages of 15 and 26 in a community project to investigate and address a social, environmental, or economic issue affecting their neighborhood.

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Earth Tribe

The Earth Tribe is an international effort of young people who are committed to environmental protection and taking an active part as global citizens. Young people can join Earth Tribe and take part in environmental and conservation initiatives.

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