Adult Training

As in most National Scout Organizations, The Scout Association of Maldives operates the National Adult Training Scheme as a system for the training and development of all its Adult Leaders. It comprises Scouting Essentials, Management, and Leadership curriculums which are proficiency based and relate to the specific functions of each type of Leader. Additional training  programs enhance the acquisition of further skills and knowledge. 

Our National Adult Training Scheme is currently in the process of integration into WOSM’s 2020 Wood Badge Framework to enable a continuous learning system throughout the year. 

Basic Unit Leaders Training Course

This course is a course for adults who wish to engage with the youth to deliver the youth programme, as well as for adults who wish to play executive or management roles within the scout group.

Advance Unit Leaders Training Course

This course is the final stage of core training in the adult training scheme. This course dives participants deep into the fundamentals to further understand the principles of scouting, to expand ideologies within scouting formulated by the Founder of the movement. Completion of this course grants participants the Wood Badge parchment and beads.