Adults in Scouting

Adults in Scouting is a systematic approach for supporting adults to improve the effectiveness, commitment and motivation of the adult leadership so that better programmes are supported in the delivery by and for young people. It also enhances the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation.

Scout Leaders

Scout Leaders are primarily responsible for organizing the activities of the group and training the youth members through the scout programme.

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For Scouting’s purposes, we define Volunteering as the responsibility of providing a needed service by personal commitment, without expecting reward or equivalent financial compensation, in favor of a cause and for the overall benefit of society.

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The Adult Recognition Awards for especially good service to the Scout Association of Maldives are made annually to Members and Supporters who have given valuable service over a considerable period of time.

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The role of training in Scouting is to help adults to  continuously improve the skills, competencies, knowledge, values and attitudes required in order to increase the quality and effectiveness of their work in delivering a good programme to young people.

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