Vice President launches Jota-Joti 2022 National Event.

Vice President Faisal Naseem stated on Saturday that the valuable life skills and lessons taught through the scouting movement benefit society. He made these remarks while speaking at the ceremony to launch the Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTA-JOTI) 2022.

At the ceremony held in Aminiya School, the Vice President highlighted the advantages to society and the nation of the lessons taught through the scouting movement, noting that the movement had evolved without monotony. He expressed hope that the jamboree, which commenced today, will enable and promote comradeship among scouts across the Maldives and abroad.

Shedding light on the values taught through the movement, the Vice President added that it teaches children about responsibility and respect, amongst other valuable life lessons. He also spoke about the importance of economising, proper waste management, and keeping the environment clean.

At the ceremony, the Vice President also sent a message over amateur radio to the 16th Colombo Scout Group stationed in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to officially launch JOTA-JOTI 2022. It is the world’s largest scouting event, taking place over the internet and the air, and brings together over two million scouts from across 172 countries.

JOTA-JOTI 2022 is held from October 14-16, 2022. It aims to support young people in learning about communications technology, the values of global citizenship, and their role in creating a better world. The event was organised in the Maldives by the Scout Association of the Maldives, with the virtual participation of scouts from across the country.

Mifzaal Abdul Baari
Mifzaal Abdul Baari