Unleashing Adventure: Life as a Pinkie at Kandersteg International Scout Centre

Hey there, fellow Rover Scouts!

Imagine diving into a whirlwind of adventure, self-discovery, and a global family. This is what being a Pinkie (Staff) at the World Scout Centre in Kandersteg is all about.

At Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC), being a Pinkie isn’t just a role; it’s your ticket to a world of excitement and friendship. Picture waking up to stunning mountain views, surrounded by Scouts from all corners of the globe who share your passion for adventure.

What makes this experience even cooler? You get to explore not only the world but also yourself. As a Pinkie, you’ll learn leadership skills, make lifelong friends, and broaden your horizons in ways you never thought possible. Whether you’re helping with outdoor activities, leading workshops, or swapping stories with Scouts from different cultures, every day is a new adventure.

One of the best parts of joining KISC as a Pinkie is the financial support available. We get it—travelling can be pricey. That’s why KISC offers various assistance to help make this adventure doable for everyone. From travel grants to accommodation subsidies, we’re committed to making sure every aspiring scout can experience the magic of Kandersteg.

What really makes KISC special is its timeless appeal. This isn’t just a short-term gig; it’s a connection to a global network of scouts that spans generations. As a Pinkie, you become part of something bigger—a legacy of scouting excellence that continues to inspire and connect.

So, fellow rover scouts, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Whether you dream of exploring mountains, diving into new cultures, or simply seeking an unforgettable experience, KISC is calling your name. Join us at the World Scout Centre in Kandersteg and discover not only the world but also your true potential. Because here, surrounded by the majestic Alps and a fantastic community, every day brings you closer to realising your dreams. Adventure awaits. Embrace it. Become a Pinkie at Kandersteg International Scout Centre.

Kandersteg International Scout Centre
Kandersteg International Scout Centre