27 Adult Leaders certified after completing the Basic Unit Leaders Training Course – Residential Training Camp in HDh. Hanimaadhoo

On 10th June 2023, the Scout Association of Maldives has certified 25 Cub and Scout Leaders who have successfully completed all three components of the Basic Unit Leaders Training Course organized by the Scout Association of Maldives. Among them includes 2 Participants from the 2022 Basic Unit Leaders Training Course (BULTC) also attended the camp and have completed their certification. Further to the new certified leaders 3 additional scout leaders who had previously completed their BULTC joined to refresh their knowledge. A total of 29 participants took part in the Residential Training that was organized by the Association in HDh. Hanimaadhoo. 

This is the second batch of leaders we have trained using this hybrid learning approach that involved:

  • Virtual on-demand learning (18th March – 28th April 2023)
  • Virtual Module Discussion Sessions (29th April – 13th May 2023) 
  • Residential Camp (8th – 10th June 2023, HDh. Hanimaadhoo)

The overall objective of the Basic Unit Leaders Training Course is to develop Unit Leaders who are skilled in working effectively with young people and other adults in Scouting. The Basic Unit Leaders Training Course aims to develop the following among Unit Leaders:

  • An understanding of the background, principles, structure, and spirit of Scouting.
  • The ability to use the Scout Method and the skills of scouting to meet the needs of young people adapted to various age-ranges.
  • The ability to apply the team system enabling youth involvement and youth empowerment.
  • An induction to plan, implement, administer, and evaluate the Sectional Youth Programme that will contribute to the personal growth of young people.

This is achieved through providing participants with the understanding and skills necessary for running an effective programme at the Cub, Scout, and Rover Scout level. The participants will learn the organization and administrative aspects of a Scouting unit as well as the program structure for weekly meetings, advancement, youth leadership training and the outdoor programs. The course emphasizes the importance of training the youth to lead.

Participants were introduced (and were able to practice) key topics such as fundamental of scouting, safe from harm, youth programme, team system, personal progression, programme planning, role of unit leader, unit meetings, ceremonies, camping and outdoors (camp craft) and world scouting. 

The training focused on building competencies of leaders required to deliver a purposeful Youth Programme.

We are hoping to organize the remaining Residential Camps during the next couple of months in Laamu Gan, Noonu Atoll and Addu Atoll and one more in Male’. 

The Scout Association of Maldives recognizes and appreciates all the trainers and facilitators on the Staff team that has shown commitment and dedication in providing such trainings necessary for the development and strengthening of Scouting across the country. 

Maeed Mohamed Zahir
Maeed Mohamed Zahir